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These Woodies are made from select, often culled pieces of pine and other usable wood types. They are handmade and come in a variety of different colors and finishes. Every Woodie is clear coated to protect it from the harsh environment of packing around cold beverages. A select few have been adorned with an assortment of unique embellishments to suit any taste.

By far the best 4 ½ inches of Woodie you will ever get your hands on!

Passive Speakers + Duck Rods

Duck Rod 1.jpg

Each passive speaker and duck rod is hand built from many different sources and types of wood (old growth, yellow pine, fir, oak, pine, spruce).

Every piece was selected for some type of distinctive defect.  All are made from reclaimed wood or scraps from other projects that otherwise would have been destroyed or ended up in a landfill.


Coffe Table.JPG

Each piece of the handcrafted furniture has been built using dowels and notching, no nails, screws, or other modern fasteners in an old-world construction method.

The wood used has come from various sources, some new as needed but the majority has been reclaimed from the late 60s to early 70s.  The wood has been sourced from a variety of places including an aircraft hangar that once stood at the Currie barracks in Calgary, Alberta or a homestead that was torn down.

Each piece is specifically selected for its unique defects to be part of the projects we build. Depending on the project, the wood decides where and how it will be placed and what it will become. I start with a simple drawing with no exact measurements with a goal of using every inch of the wood possible resulting in minimal waste. 

I also take pride in knowing in each build is one of a kind that will hopefully be passed down through generations or re-homed surviving for years to come. 

Fun Stuff

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