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Our Wood Has History

Each mantel is made from a unique piece of wood which was reclaimed from the destruction of two houses, one built around 1900 and the other house built over the older one, around the 1930s just west of Olds, Alberta.


Imagine at the turn of the century – every swing from a hewing axe made by the toughest of the tough homesteader building by hand, a place for his family to live, not only live but to survive our Canadian winters.  


This limited and rare wood survived by being used as part of the foundation for the newer construction and enclosed by the exterior of the new house for over 100 years preserving it to near perfect quality. Each piece of wood was handcrafted in a dove tail cabin type of construction with hand hewn outer edges.

The floor support beams were added next and then leveled by notching and

hewing the tops of each outer foundation wall.


This has left each piece with a unique combination of construction detail, natural defects, and patina that only 100+ years could instill in this wood.

Special features can include hand hewn, circle sawn, live edge, incredible live edge bug wood, lap joints, dove tailends, live edge fire damage, checking, dowels, and much more.

Mantel Specs

Construction Process Defects

- End notching

- Nail  / spike holes

- Hand hewn surfaces

- New/old cut ends

- Notched and hew beam pockets

- Pegs


All pieces vary in size due to the construction methods of this era.

Each piece has been cleaned. lightly sanded and the back has been shaved off to give it a flat surface to make it easy to install.

Natural Defects

- Live edge surfaces

- Checking

- Live edge “bug wood”

- Branch nubs

- Some with pre-construction fire damage

- Deep reddish-brown color

Coming Soon!

We will soon be offering live edge 3-4-inch-thick mantles and beams using the local species of trees in our area.

Available Sizes


- 2-3.5 inches thick +/-

- 8-12 inches wide +/-

- 5’-8 feet long


- 5-7 inches thick +/-

- 8-12 inches wide +/-

- 5’-12’ feet long

Mantel Gallery

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